SPOTIFY: Spotify Playlist Cover Designers

Create Your Own Spotify Covers!

Here at Talk About Pop Music we love a good playlist.

We also believe that a good playlist deserves a great cover.

Our post ‘How To Customize Spotify Playlist Cover Images‘ has already helped lots of people create awesome images.

However, we want to show you alternatives to doing it our way and I have recently discovered Replace Cover which is an online tool that allows you to ‘create cool album art for your Spotify playlists’ and – it can be done in seconds!

Spotify Playlist Cover Designer

It’s quick, simple and you can get some fantastic results!

Create a stunning Spotify playlist cover in just minutes.

There’s a tool called BannerSnack – a free editor, you can create amazing visuals for your Spotify playlist cover photo.

From punk rock to hot pop, we have something for everyone. What are you waiting for? Try it out!

Screenshot 2020-03-28 at 13.35.53

Don’t forget Canva – it’s great tool for creating images for absolutely anything!

So, ditch the boring default cover and create your own playlist image now!

Our “tutorial” video has also had over 30K views, it’s perhaps out of date now but it’s still worth a watch…

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