FRESH: ‘The Big Unknown’ – Sade

The elusive Sade returns with a brand new single “The Big Unknown”!

by Mark Keen

Sade gives a taste of her new album with the new single and lyric video for “The Big Unknown” from the ‘Widows’ soundtrack.

“The Big Unknown” is another timeless Sade track, and whilst I have heard it described as ‘depressing’ I rather prefer the description of ‘resolute sadness’. There’s arguably nothing too cheerful about the lyrics: “I’m just trying to hold on. I’m falling in the dark below. I feel I’m falling in the big unknown”. The song is certainly a slow burn, but well worth the perseverance.

A few months ago we heard another soundtrack contribution with “Flower Of The Universe” from the Disney movie ‘A Winkle In Time’. This was Sade’s first song in seven years.

Since her sophomore album “Promise” (1985), Sade has given us increasingly long gaps between albums: “Stronger Than Pride” (1988), “Love Deluxe” (1992), “Lovers Rock” (2000), “Soldier of Love” (2010) and although “The Ultimate Collection” (2011) contained four unreleased tracks things have been very quiet until the two releases this year.

Will we see a new album in 2019 or will it be another ten year gap between albums and we will have to wait until 2020? Fingers crossed its sooner rather than later. Let’s also hope the album gets off to a strong start as “Soldier Of Love” did with the eponymous single.

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