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FRESH: ‘Daggers’ – Rachael Bawn

Rachel Bawn debuts new single “Daggers” and announces her album “Chasing Lights”.

Singer-songwriter Rachael Bawn debuts the uplifting new single “Daggers” and announces pre-order for her forthcoming album “Chasing Lights” which is scheduled to be released on February 8 2019.

Rachael Bawn’s mission is to inspire youth to discover their true potential. Her new single “Daggers” will galvanize listeners to take action against adversity. The song details the importance of cyberbullying prevention and self-acceptance. She encourages listeners to embrace who and what they are when she sings, “Go on throw your daggers no, I won’t be afraid no more ’cause I’ve been catching daggers for so long the scars have healed”.

Music, art, and culture publication Ground Sounds shared an exclusive listen of “Daggers” last month. “The song starts out with a mix of delicacy and intensity, with Rachael’s vocals grabbing you from the jump. Once you’ve hit the hook and her vocals really start to fly, you’ll be taken by the incredible talent and songwriting.”

When asked about the single Rachael said, “(“Daggers”) is about no longer allowing other people’s hurtful words and actions have power over us. It is choosing to be strong and to endure knowing that we will be ok”. Overcoming obstacles is a constant theme on Rachael’s upcoming album “Chasing Lights”. She adds, “I want young people to know that it’s okay to be vulnerable and it’s ok to be scared—but have the courage to talk about what’s going on in your life. We all put these happy images of our life on Facebook and Instagram, but there’s often another story”.

“Daggers” was added to Spotify’s Now Magazine #NOWplaying playlist which features new music selected by Now Magazine’s writers and editors. “Chasing Lights” will include other standout singles like “Alive” a cheerful ballad that highlights the prosperity of living in the moment (music video) and “Broken” a song about triumphing over life’s painful experiences. PopDust who described Rachael as “sweet and good hearted” premiered her visual for “Superstar” on their popular Release Radar column in April.

Rachael enlisted several well-respected producers and songwriters to develop “Chasing Lights”. Multi-platinum music producer, songwriter, mixer, engineer Mike Krompass (Meghan Trainor, Fifth Harmony, Steven Tyler) produced eleven of the twelve tracks on the album. Four-time Grammy Award winner Jimmy ‘The Senator’ Douglass (Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Rolling Stones, John Legend) added his mixing flair.

Fieldhouse Music founder & BMG creative A&R John Loeffler says, “Rachael is one of the freshest, most charismatic and sincere young female performers on the scene today. She’s a young woman speaking directly to girls and teenagers about all the issues they struggle with today – bullying, insecurity, disappointments – and all in a powerful and positive way. Each song on her new album sounds like a hit record. It has great catchy melodies and vibrant vocals. We are all convinced Rachael is a star in the making and everyone at Fieldhouse / BMG is thrilled to be part of her journey”.

The Fieldhouse Music recording artist is currently headlining a youth empowerment tour with the Canadian charity Live Different, a Hamilton, Ontario-based organization which over 18 years has visited 3,500 schools, reached 1.5 million students, built over 500 homes/schools, and mentored more than 4,500 students/interns/volunteers. During an exclusive interview with Samaritan Mag Rachael said, “It’s a smaller audience and we’re in really small towns, but these are kids who have never had any concerts coming through, have never been to a festival or anything like that. For them, this is a huge deal. To be able to meet them after and talk with them and have these conversations is amazing”.

Although Rachael is no stranger to charity, her ambition to spread a positive message has led to newfound partnerships with major non-profit organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Canada, Love Is Louder, and PACER (National Bullying Prevention Center). She has interacted with thousands of high school students throughout North America while promoting her forthcoming album. She pictures herself as a crusader of kindness and “Chasing Lights” is a culmination of years spent committing her life to making a difference.

Rachael Bawn

Rachael Bawn Remaining Tour Dates:
November 13 – Bonar Law Memorial School
November 14 – Oromocto High School
November 15 – Bathurst High School
November 16 – Saint Mary’s Academy
November 19 – Lester B. Pearson High School
November 20 – Shawinigan High School
November 23 – Regiopolis Notre Dame Catholic High School
November 26 – Delta Secondary School
November 27 – Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic SS
November 28 – Westlane Secondary School
November 29 – Saint Thomas of Villanova Catholic SS
November 30 – Holy Names High School
December 3 – Saint Mary’s Catholic Academy
December 4 – Saint Brother Andre Catholic HS
December 5 – Saint Peter Elementary School
December 6 – Essex District High School
December 7 – Columbia Central JR.&SR. High School
December 10 – Anderson Collegiate and Vocational Institute

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