FRESH: ‘Water’ – MARKX

Singer and songwriter MARKX has released his debut EP “Water” and talks to us about it.

by Christopher Smith


MARKX is a contemporary singer/songwriter and creative entrepreneur. Against all advice, in 2012, he walked out of a successful corporate career to pursue his dream in the music industry. Since then he has written for artists with the writers behind Beyoncè, Backstreet Boys, JLO, Leann Rimes and many more is now embarking on his own artist journey with the release of 4 self-penned EP’s.

As he tells us “captivating storytelling woven around beautifully crafted melodies. Songs to about love, life, laughter and loss. With a racing heart, I inhaled a deep breath, held it for a few moments before slamming down the laptop lid for the final time: somehow I knew I would never return”.

“In November 2013 I had finally reached breaking point: waking up to the cold, stark realisation that I had been living someone else’s life for god knows how long. I never wanted a ‘day job’ – I would always open my mouth at the wrong time and say the wrong thing. And just like that I turned my back on a high flying, handsomely paid job FOREVER. The next thing I found myself running a successful business, writing songs with the songwriters behind major artists such as Beyoncè, travelling the world, adorned with my trusty backpack: doing the one thing I love more than anything – being creative”.

“Music had been part of my life from day one, listening to my father’s CD collection spanning over 3,000 albums. Where most children would be out playing in parks, I was more than content just to sit at the CD player singing along to The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and The Beatles”.

“After being encouraged to pursue music and songwriting by one of my teachers at Sixth Form College, I was offered a place at The Brighton Institute Of Modern Music. It was there I honed my craft in vocals and songwriting under the watchful eye of the incredible Carleen Anderson”.

“Despite holding down a successful corporate career for many years, I pushed on with my dream, performing in function bands, running an independent label – even teaching on the side. In 2011 I wrote and released my debut album “Along These Lines”. After much soul searching, several backpacking adventures later, with the voice of Tony Robbins echoing in my ear – I turned my back on the corporate life for good. And I’ve never looked back”. And we hope it stays that way!

For more about MARKX check out his WEBSITE and his FACEBOOK page

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