Songs from 1999

SONGS TURNING 20: Top Ten Songs From 1999

Songs Released In 1999

By Steve McSteveface

Following on from previous year’s successful posts ’20 Songs That Will Be Turning 20 In 2017′, ‘10 Songs That Will Be Turning 30 In 2017‘ and Songs From 1989 I have decided to keep the tradition going even although it always makes me feel REALLY old!

In 2019 – these songs are turning 20 and although that does make me feel SUPER OLD it’s a good chance to properly reminisce about some of them to see if they have stood the test of time.

1999 – the final year before the new millennium and I sure started the year with a bang – this is what I decided I wanted to look like for the last year of the 20th Century…

SONGS TURNING 20: Top Ten Songs From 1999

…no, I’m not quite sure why either!

It was a strange year for music for me. I was in my 2nd year at University so this involved listening to a lot of music that was played in nightclubs we went to, trying to be ‘cool’ and listen to more indie songs and then secretly still love all the cheesy pop songs. This is now great though as this playlist has a great mix of all the genres.

To compile the full playlist I have based it on songs that hit the UK charts in 1999. They might have been released in 1998, they might have been released many years before but became popular again in 1999 so that’s how I’m working it. If anyone is going to get picky with the dates then go and turn off the internet and read something like this instead – we don’t want your sort here thank you!

Before we get to the full playlist and in no particular order, here are some my favourites…

‘Tequila’ – Terrorvision

Released: January 1999

UK Chart Position: 2

This was a ‘drinking song’ for sure! I’m not sure how many times I was dancing on the table in an Irish bar to this tune – good times!

‘Maria’ – Blondie

Released: February 1999

UK Chart Position: 1

I really liked Blondie before this but when this song was released it reignited my love for them. An awesome return to the top of the charts for a classic group of our lifetime.

‘Tender’ – Blur

Released: February 1999

UK Chart Position: 2

I had kind of gone off Blur for a little while but ‘Tender’ is such a beautiful song that it hooked me back into them.

‘Writing To Reach You’ – Travis 

Released: March 1999

UK Chart Position: 14

The breakthrough hit for the Scottish band – it was great to watch them becoming a worldwide success.

‘Dead From The Waist Down’ – Catatonia

Released: April 1999

UK Chart Position: 7

Some songs just instantly transport you back in time when you listen to them. For me, this song absolutely does!

‘The Animal Song’ – Savage Garden

Released: February 1999

UK Chart Position: 18

This is a high energy, anthem of a song and I’m really surprised that it didn’t do better in the charts than it did.

‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’ – Eiffel 65

Released: October 1999

UK Chart Position: 1

Wow! What a song. It kind of took the clubs by storm. Also, since I went to University in Aberdeen the words often got changed from ‘Da Ba Dee Da Ba Di’ to ‘In Aberdeen I Will Die’ – nice!

‘Closing Time’ – Semisonic

Released: March 1999

UK Chart Position: 25

I loved Semisonic. I think I even had two copies of ‘Feelin’ Strangely Fine’ on CD for some reason. Great album!

‘Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom‘ – The Vengaboys

Released: June 1999

UK Chart Position: 1

Well, what can you say about The Vengaboys? Still going strong over 20 years later and I actually got to see them live last year. Pure pop perfection!

‘Better The Devil You Know‘ – Steps

Released: December 1999

UK Chart Position: 8

Apparently this song by Steps is a cover of a song by someone called Kylie Minogue! Who knew, right? This was a great year for Steps and a great year for pop music!


That’s my list of 10 and it was a tough call and if I had to do it again it would be different each time.

I also started a discussion on the subreddit Popheads to share their favourites with me and here’s what they said…

Reddit Popheads

I’ve added all these songs AND MORE to a Spotify playlist and called it…

Songs From 1999

What about you? What songs would you pick out from 1999?

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