Sam Giffard and The Innocent

FRESH: ‘Innocence’ – Sam Gifford and The Innocent

Sam Gifford and The Innocent release their brand new track “Innocence” today!

by Christopher Smith

North Herts (UK) band Sam Gifford and The Innocent have today released their brand new track “Innocence” as the follow up to “What You Want”, which we featured last year!

“Innocence” is darker and much harder-edged than its predecessors, the dreamy “Greater Good” and the feel good “What You Want”, and allows Sam to ‘work’ his voice against a crescendo of rock guitars.

Sam brought together his band The Innocent in February 2017 and found his true calling as a front man. Supporting Sam, who as well as leading the band plays guitar – not to mention a mean tambourine – The Innocent features Jamie Steenbergen (drums/percussion), Gio Metaxas (guitar), Stephen Clift (bass), and Hannes Porombka (guitar). Sam states that their many and varied musical influences include Switchfoot, Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen, Mumford and Sons, Gungor, Tom Odell and even The Beatles!

Sam and the group are on tour in the next few weeks, tickets and bookings can be made here:
The Horn, St Albans – 16th of February 2019
The Islington, Islington – 23rd of February 2019
Roadtrip and The Workshop, Hoxton – 1st of March 2019

Together with their debut single “What You Want” and “Greater Good”, and now “Innocence”, Sam and The Innocent are amassing a fine body of work that will stand the test of time and hopefully lead to much wider recognition and commercial success. We are rooting for you boys!

Keep up-to-date with Sam and The Innocent through their WEBSITE and their FACEBOOK page

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