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FRESH: ‘Sing The Body Electric’ – Kaine Francesco

This is “Sing The Body Electric” by London based singer/songwriter Kaine Francesco.

by Christopher Smith

Welcome to the world of Kaine Francesco. Welcome to the song “Sing The Body Electric”. Welcome to his debut album “Up High”.

Kaine is a singer and songwriter based in London. He released the album “Up High” last November and has already released the title track and “Black Friday” from the album as singles. “Sing The Body Electric” has a haunting, electronic beat running throughout, backed with a single guitar and Kaine’s hypnotic vocals laying ever so gently on top.

Kaine himself describes his brand of music “an eclectic mix of baroque acoustic and electro-pop, Kaine adds a hint of magic to urban reality”. He states his influences are Kate Bush, Florence Welch, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey and Maria Callas. “Up High” is a highly outstanding debut collection of gorgeous down tempo and acoustic numbers intertwined with soul funk grooves that accentuate Kaine’s ever changing vocal style and ability as a hugely thought provoking singer.

Every one of the twelve tracks are just perfect for chilling out and relaxing, and welcome you deep inside for the full experience. Standouts are “Lovely People” and “Ever On Your Own”. In both, Kaine allows himself to feel the lyrics he wrote and let the emotion unravel for all to hear.

Kaine demonstrates on both “Sing The Body Electric” and “Up High” his amazing talent to create music and to perform it in his own unique and impressive arena. This is definitely someone to look out for if you haven’t yet discovered Kaine. We here at talkaboutpopmusic.com are certainly keeping our eyes and ears open to Kaine from now on!

You can follow Kaine on TWITTER but check out his FACEBOOK page too!

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