Swedish singer Dominique Tey reveals “Feelingless” from her debut EP.

by Christopher Smith

Swedish singer Dominique Tey has released her debut five track EP “Heartsteam” that features previous released singles “Let It Out”, the title track and now the electrifying “Feelingless”.

After originally finding prominence through her initial outfit MAASAI, Tey has since looked to venture into a more personal and intimate arena with her new solo material. “Feelingless” is a bold and enigmatic production, while Dominique’s dreamy and almost hypnotic sound will get you hooked.

Taking inspiration from dream-pop innovators such as Beach House and Cocteau Twins, “Heartstream” is a wistfully romantic number that aims to add a contemporary edge to the genre. The single swoons and serenades as it plays, while her voice pulses with every beat and leaves a soothing impression throughout.

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Written by aylshamchris

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