3 Albums That Changed My Life: #1 - Sheryl Crow

3 Albums That Changed My Life: #1 – Sheryl Crow

3 Albums That Changed My Life

There was a recent hashtag on Twitter called #3AlbumsThatChangedMyLife – did you take part?

It was a difficult choice and I’m quite sure it’s not actually my ultimate top three but they were the first ones I initially thought of since they were all released at, you could say, turning points in my life. Also because at the time they were released I had them on CD and I think that in the days before endless streaming choices we tended to listen to the same CD more times (possibly too lazy to pick a new one and change it over).

“Sheryl Crow” by Sheryl Crow

Released: September 24th, 1996

Firstly, it’s hard to believe that it’s been 23 years since this album was released! I was 18 years old, just finished High School and taking a year off before I went to University. I didn’t buy the CD until the summer of 1997.

I listened to it continuously. It’s not often you get an album where you love every track! It brings back memories of a nervous excited feeling before starting an unknown life at University, painting my Gran’s fence and playing Tomb Raider. Don’t you just love “music memories”?


Sheryl Crow is the second studio album by the American singer Sheryl Crow, released on September 24, 1996 by A&M Records. Unlike its predecessor Tuesday Night Music Club, which was written by a casual collective formed by Crow and several other musicians, Sheryl Crow was entirely produced by Crow, who wrote most of the songs alone or with only one collaborator. Most of the album was recorded at Kingsway Studio in New Orleans, Louisiana. The album covers topics of American life, relationship breakups, and moral and ethical issues, while encompassing a variety of music genres such as rock,blues, alternative rock, country, and folk.

Sheryl Crow was a commercial success, being certified 3× platinum by the RIAA and 3× platinum by the BPI. It also reached No. 6 on the US Billboard Top 200 chart and produced five singles, including the international hit “If It Makes You Happy”. The album received very positive reviews from critics, who praised its intricate production and Crow’s louder and more assured singing. At the 39th Annual Grammy Awards, the album was awarded Best Rock Album and Crow received the Best Female Rock Vocal Performance award for “If It Makes You Happy”. Retrospectively, it is often regarded as one of Crow’s best albums.

Track by Track

1 – Maybe Angels

What a great way to open the album. I love the guitars on this and I think it sets good ground for what the rest of the album is to be like!

2 – A Change Would Do You Good

Perhaps this would have been a better opening track but either way this is one of my favourites! As soon as I hear the first split second of the song I am instantly back in that time. Also, look out for Murray Goldberg in the video…

3 – Home

After the fast paced excitement of the first two tracks it’s now a good time to slow things down a little. “Home” is such a beautiful song.

4 – Sweet Rosalyn

That’s enough chilling out for now as Shezza’s back rocking out with “Sweet Rosalyn”. I love the way it starts off all punky but then just before the chorus she sings all sweet and then goes back to belting out the chorus.

5 – If It Makes You Happy

You don’t get much better than this. It ticks all the boxes for me. Great lyrics, catchy guitar and a pure stomping vocal on the chorus!

6 – Redemption Day

The acoustic guitar is awesome on this and the song just makes me feel like I’m on a road trip, sitting in the back of a pick up driving across the US.

7 – Hard To Make A Stand

As much as I really, really like this song I have to say I love the acoustic versions more!

8 – Everyday Is A Winding Road

Wow! I’m still only on track 8 and every song is still a classic, awesome song in my ears. I think the first line to this song is fab! “I hitched a ride with a vending machine repair man” Genius!

9 – Love Is A Good Thing

A good song but I was always a little scared by it with all the gun talk. I’m sure there’s a great message in here somewhere.

10 – Oh Marie

The little laugh at the start of this track always made me smile. As slow songs go on the album this is my favourite – I felt really sorry for Marie and wanted to meet her so I could just give her a big hug…and also smell her knees!

11 – Superstar

A fun track – I wanted to be at this party!

12 – The Book

I’m really unsure about this one – perhaps because it was near the end of the album I just didn’t ever really get into it. A bit depressing but good if you’re in a sad kind of mood!

13 – Ordinary Morning

Quite a “blue-sy” song and really allows Sheryl to show off her stunning vocals.

14 – Free Man

A great track to finish with. I think this really struck a chord with me simply because I would be leaving home soon and would technically be a “free man”.

Did this album change my life? I wouldn’t say an album can really change anyone’s life but it certainly made a big impact on me and still does.

Listen to more of Sheryl Crow on Spotify…

I was lucky enough to see Sheryl Crow live a couple of years ago and you can read the review here.

What about you? Do you love this album? What albums have changed your life? Stay tuned to find out what the other two albums are!

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