FRESH: 'Astronauts' - Crash Adams

INTERVIEW: Crash Adams

Crashing Into Your Living Room!

Crash Adams are perhaps not surprisingly made up of two members. Crash and Adams.

They are childhood friends from Toronto, who have been surrounded by music for their entire lives.

They have recently released their awesome new track ‘Make It Last‘.

The are a bit of an enigma but we managed to squeeze some information out of them. Take a look at their first video for ‘Astronauts‘ and then read what they had to say to us.

TAPM: You are giving us some great new music but who are your musical influences?

CA: Our musical influences are always changing, but i’d say a few pillars include The Killers, Eminem, John Mayer, Bruno Mars & Michael Jackson.

TAPM: Awesome! So What was the last song you listened to?

CA: ‘La La Land’ – Bryce Vine

TAPM: Cool – let’s watch the video…

TAPM: We love your song ‘Astronauts’ – tell us more about it…

CA: There are so many “astronauts” in the world, they may know it or not, but eventually they will achieve everything they’ve wanted out of their time on earth. It will be hard, and they will be considered different from those who aren’t astronauts. But in the end, the view of earth is greatest from outer space.

TAPM: I like that theory! Speaking of things that are out of this world – have you heard of Eurovision?

CA: I actually don’t know what Eurovision is but I’ll check it out. 

TAPM: You’ll be hearing a lot more about it this year for sure!

TAPM: We love knowing what the number one song in the charts was when people were born – what was yours?

CA: Crash’s Birthday: ‘I Swear’ – All 4 One, Adams’ Birthday: ‘I Will Always Love You’ – Whitney Houston

TAPM: Okay, now I feel really old but let’s remind ourselves of these fantastic songs…

TAPM: Tell us something embarrassing about yourself…

CA: To be completely honest we don’t really find anything embarrassing

TAPM: Hmmm…

TAPM: What’s your favourite song lyric from one of your songs?

CA:  “I put your number in a picture frame.” 

TAPM: Nice! Favourite songs lyric ever?

CA: “If everyday goes like this how do we survive”

TAPM: Eric Prydz?

TAPM: Who is the Queen of Pop?

CA: Beyonce

TAPM: WRONG! Despite her latest shenanigans it’s always Madonna! And the King Of Pop?

CA: Michael Jackson.

TAPM: Correct answer! So, what’s the plans for the rest of the year?

CA: We are working on the music video for ‘Make it Last’. The plan for the rest of 2019 is to work hard getting our music heard, as well as trying to put out content that bring happiness to someone’s day. 

TAPM: Can’t wait!

For more about Crash Adams, check out their WEBSITETWITTERINSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK page.

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