REVIEW: ‘A Work Of Art’ – Lisabel

Lisabel – “A Work Of Art”

Dear Lisabel. The lovely singer-songwriter who we have been bringing to you on a regular basis for some time now with her many single releases, has finally committed them and many other tracks to her debut album, “A Work Of Art”. And it’s certainly that! For anyone that’s a fan of exquisite, easy listening pop, you’re in for a treat. Since Lisabel entered the scene with her smooth and cool debut, “Green Jade“, we’ve been treated to gems like the jazzy “Stars Dance“, the sexy “If Not Me, Who?” and the Jamiroquai-esque “You’re My Relief“, all of which are present here.

“A Work Of Art” kicks off with some pouring rain and an owl hooting as we launch into the dreamy “Salamander Souls”. This is a perfect set up for the rest of the album to follow as we move into a more gorgeous late night jazz mood with “My Mister K”. Lisabel‘s voice is already proving deliciously smooth as it weaves its way through each melody and this continues with “No More Blues (I’m Free)”. The already mentioned “You’re My Relief” is up next and is followed by the title track, which Lisabel teams up with producer Nikola Kovačević for a more uptempo number which is full of atmosphere and allows Lisabel to really stretch her voice towards the end. Definitely a standout!

A trio of previously released number follows, with “Green Jade“, “Stars Dance” and “If Not Me, Who?” before we get the next unheard track, “For Your Love I Cry”, stripped back with just Lisabel and an electric guitar once again affording Lisabel to ‘release’ THAT voice! “Let Them Give You” is another whisp of smoke, very much in the style of “My Mister K”. You can just feel the mood in the late night bar location as Lisabel entertains and moves hearts and minds. Lisabel states that “Blue” is her favourite colour. Well this is one of my favourite songs on the album, “Blue” is sumptuous as well as being ever so delicate and herein lies another ‘work of art’. The tempo is retained for “A Little Bit Of Jealousy”, the sassiest number on the album, which Lisabel clearly relishes and you get the feeling she really wants to break out into something larger and more extravagant.

Back to more album standard harmonies with “What Do You Need?” as we begin to wind down this performance and the night becomes the early morn. But not before Lisabel sings us a lullaby with “Dear Moon” to make sure we all get off to sleep safely and soundly. Dreamy and sublime, “Dear Moon” is the perfect end to this classy, sophisticated debut that will appeal to a more refined and learned connoisseur. This is not pop nor is it dance, but a chilled and silky product that showcases the talent and vocal style of one Lisabel Biscaldi, who we are honoured to know and present to you, hopefully, for some time to come. Night night.

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