Paul McCartney 1982

TRIVIA: Artists Having Multiple Number One’s On The UK Chart

There is only one artist who has achived multiple number one’s on the UK chart, in different guises, but always featuring their presence. That person is:

Paul McCartney

As a solo act, he reached No.1 in 1983 with “Pipes Of Peace”

In a duo, he topped the chart in 1982 with Stevie Wonder with “Ebony And Ivory”

In a trio, he reached No.1 with Wings in 1977 with “Mull Of Kintyre”

In a quartet, he topped the chart SIXTEEN times with The Beatles between 1963 and 1969.

In a quintet when The Beatles together with Billy Preston topped the chart in 1969 with “Get Back”

and in a sextet as part of Ferry Aid in 1987 with Mel and Kim, Kate Bush, Boy George and Mark Knopfler with the recording of The Beatles 1968 No.2, “Let It Be”.

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