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FRESH: ‘Early Hours’ (EP) – Drew Thomas

Drew Thomas releases his debut EP, “Early Hours”

Released today, “Early Hours” is the debut EP from Nottingham raised and London based singer-songwriter Drew Thomas, four new songs that blend pop, soft rock and indie, which Drew himself confesses “I wanted to take listeners through a cathartic journey in my head and show them who I am as an artist. I’m ready for the world to hear songs that I once thought were too intense of personal to share”.

Drew debuted in 2018 with the single “Left Behind”. and has followed this with two further releases in 2019. Drew has already released “Running Reds” and “Somebody You Needed” in 2020, both of which feature on the EP. Drew adds: “Song-writing has always been a cathartic process for me. Being able to take all the negative or destructive elements of my life and turn them into a story or a message which people can relate to is something really special to me”.

“Early Hours” opens with the striking track “Lying On The Concrete”, where Drew asks if you will remember him when he is lying on the concrete? You will need to listen to the song to decide, but be prepared for a musical journey with the epic backing track and infectious chorus to this soon-to-be-classic. “Running Reds” has a Country feel to it, while at the same time, involve equal amounts of synths and instrumentation. It’s joyous and an welcome upbeat before it lapses into a haunting, thought provoking finale.

The second track already previewed, “Somebody You Needed”, changes the style and pace again as Drew demonstates his obvious talent for crafting an outstanding song, lyrically and musically. “Early Hours” ends with “High (On Our Own)” as Drew laments meeting people who are strangers, but are they? If we’re not careful, real life will pass you by, if you get high on your own…

“Early Hours” is a superb quartet of songs from a very promising and upcoming artist who I am sure, will be heard and who certainly needs to be heard. This is fine body or work for a first, small selection of songs and I hope many more and perhaps a full album, will eventually follow in time. For now though, “Early Hours” will satisfy and played on repeat, you understand just how good the world of Drew Thomas really is.

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