REVIEW: ‘Loverboy’ – Nicolas McCoppin

Nicolas McCoppin – “Loverboy”

New York singer Nicolas McCoppin has just released his debut album, “Loverboy”, having emerged in 2019 with the single, “Stuck”, which opens this eight track long player. Nicolas has been singing since the age of 10 and aged 14, wrote and released his first song. He cites his influences from Carly Rae Jepsen, Kim Petras and Troye Sivan and they can be heard on this first full collection of his previously released tracks as well as a few new, unheard ones.

“Stuck” is a crazy, upbeat pop with a pulsing chorus that will get this ‘stuck’ in your head very quickly! And perhaps that’s what Nicolas meant to do all along…?(!) “Ur Love” takes the pace down slightly but seems to build musically from the halfway point of the song. It’s a tender plea from Nicolas to ‘someone’ that he “wants ur love” and he sure “wants more loving” from you back! “Heaven” keeps the electro pulse going as Nicolas proudly claims that he is in “Heaven” when he’s “hanging with you”. The song retains the upbeat nature of this album and the feel-good factor that’s being generated.

“Subway Sunsets” is late night synth heaven with a sexy groove that will rush you from the dancefloor to somewhere more intimate and secluded… “Stuck” ignites into life once more with “For Years”, that will place you back on the floor with some Latin sounds in the backing track of this soaring and soulful number that could well be the standout track…so far anyway! “Remember That Night” picks up from where “Subway Sunsets” left off and has a very pronounced mid-80’s synth-retro feel to it as it completely slows down for the middle-eight, pausing for reflection for sometime before the speed picks up for the final minute.

The title track, “Loverboy”, is more quiet and that seems to be the pace of the final moments of this album as the headiness of the club give way to the morning after and that manifests itself in the final track, “City Of Love”, which is more out-and-out 80’s synth pop that could so easily of been made over 35 years ago. The song is sublime and after “For Years”, this has to be the best track on the album, although with an album full of crackers and gorgeous retro chill anthems, that is difficult to quantify. You choose your favourite…

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