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FRESH: ‘Paralysed’ (EP) – Zoe Phillips

Zoe Phillips releases her “Paralysed” EP

“Paralysed” is the new EP from British singer and songwriter Zoe Phillips, her first body of new material for three years. The five track EP features three already released singles, allong with two new compositions, including the title track, which is inspired by the concept of being paralysed in indecision. Zoe has already received high acclaim, being featured on BBC Introducing while remixes of her song “Numb” even made it to Radio 1!

The EP starts with the accoustic title track which showcases Zoe’s angelic vocals set adrift with a guitar based, easy listening melody, while the pace and drama picks up with “Figured It All Out”. The aforementioned “Numb” is presented here in its original, stripped back form, a sweet indie-folk deity that could not harm anyone. “Love Is Gone” is vibrant and upbeat as “Figured It All Out” as it deals with the loss of love and all the emotions it stirrs and creates.

The EP closes with another slice of exquisite honest-pop, “Hideaway”, as Zoe admitts she would happily run away and even hideaway. From what? I’ll leave Zoe to tell you about that! “Paralysed” is a collection of songs that offer something different to the norm. If you’re fed up with bouncy pop or heady dance then this is time well spent, whether reflecting or just spending an evening with a glass of wine on your own or with others, with Zoe’s easy-on-the-ear harmonies as the perfect backdrop.

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