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FRESH: ‘6ixth Sense’ – Joey Capo

Joey Capo has a “6ixth Sense”

US singer Joey Capo releases his brand new tune, “6ixth Sense”, today, his fifth of 2020 and the follow up to “Me Time”. The song is a perfect slice of R&B pop with a slow-beat backing track with Joey’s often whisper-quiet vocals placed accurately over the vibe of the song. The song talks about seeing the person you care about for who they truly are. and was created in Joey’s home studio in Calabasas, CA. The record was produced by Joey Capo and in house producer Lupo.

Joey Capo made his debut in 2017 with the single, “Sense Of Paradise” and has consistently turned out superb, high quality R&B-pop-dance songs, highlights of which include “Malibu Bliss”, Count On Me” and “Cold Hearted”, which was nominated for R&B/Soul record of the year for the Hollywood Music in Media awards. Joey uses poetic lyricism in his music and is always inspired by 90’s R&B styles of music. He is constantly pushing the envelope to his craft and musical talents to bend different sounds and genres to make it his own unique piece.

“6ixth Sense” talks about seeing the one you care about for who they truly are. Seeing what many don’t take the time to see, which is the soul. Joey released his five track EP, “New Moon”, earlier this year, which “Cold Hearted” was featured, together with four new compositions including “3:33am” and the sublime “Around You”. “New Moon” is Joey’s second EP, following on from “At Sundown” in 2018.

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