FRESH: ‘Feel The Beats’ – Satre

Satre “Feels The Beats”

Italian producer Satre has been releasing wicked tunes for a year now and his latest, “Feel The Beats”, is just another superb offering in his growing collection of funky dance anthems. Rome based, Satre blends many genres to create his music and in “Feel The Beats”, you can identify at least five or six if you listen hard enough. The song, and “To Me”, join two previous 2020 releases, “Ecstasy” and “715”, as Satre seeks to widen his fanbase through social media.

He says of his music: “The word is a sound, a wave, but in a period in which we are invaded by many words of which many are useless, deceiving and without “power”, I try to communicate through my music every single possible feeling, trying to transform it into “quality”. I have no limits and I do not follow established rules or schemes. I don’t make a single musical genre and I don’t want to do it…we are in a world where everything mixes, in which everything comes into contact and is influenced and it transformes”.

Satre began learning the piano at an early age, composing original songs for theatre. He is now writing and producing tunes with the aim of becoming one of the fast rising sensations in the music industry. The multi talented artist in his own words “hopes to take over the music scene in a grand style and win the hearts of hundreds of thousands of fans and music lovers across the world” and a big global name in both production and performing. Go Satre!

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