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FRESH: ‘Cobalt’ (EP) – Alex Frew

Alex Frew releases his debut EP, “Cobalt”

Electro Pop

Alex Frew, who we introduced last year with his debut single, “Get Out Alive“, has finally released his first collection of material, including “Get Out Alive”, with “Cobalt”.

The six-track EP bring together all three previous singles along with three brand new tracks as Alex narrates feelings that most are afraid to talk about in song and verse.

The EP kicks off with the first of the new tracks, “Midnight Zone”, as Alex feels overcome with pressure and simply wants to hide all night long in the ‘midnight zone’. With a superb electro beat and Alex’s now well know vocal style, the tone of this EP is set from the word go and there are more to come with the pumping “9 Feet Tall”, with its slinky, synth heavy production and gorgeous guitar backed soundtrack as Alex opens up to confess to his dark side(!)

The previously released, haunting, “Something To Hold On To”, is up next, with a trippy-beat and more dark, honest lyrics as Alex grows and matures from within. Alex gets blown away with the next new track, “Heads In The Stars”, with a more light, uplifting sound to accompany his hopefullness and foresight to better times. Alex hooked up with fellow Canadian Alessia Balasbas (A Is For Arrows) for the ‘duet’ “Antisocial Love Song”, a ballad with a difference, a ballad with a beat and alot of sexual tension!

“Cobalt” winds up with where Alex came in, his debut single “Get Out Alive“, which still sounds so fresh and juicy, now more than a year old, as Alex’s vocals appear so naive now compared with the confidence gained with each new track and with this EP as a whole, but yet that innocence still has hope and positivity about it to carry Alex onwards and upwards and with this first, short-player, Alex has presented a titanic sextet of superb electro beats and razor sharp words in his own personal struggle to reach the top.

Alex says of this release: “I want people to feel a little bit bigger than themselves while listening to the project. I’ve always gravitated towards songs that made me feel boundless, and I sincerely hope that this collection can convey those emotions. ‘Cobalt’ is the colour I associate to all of emotions and the entire sonic palette of the EP. Dealing with introversion, depression, substance abuse, and search for romance. The colour ‘Cobalt’ represents the moody, blue emotion that inspired the creation of this project, and has stuck with me for the past several years”.

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