FRESH: ‘Train Of Thought’ – Einsam

EINSAM returns with “Train Of Thought”


EINSAM, who we featured with his debut release “Pressing Matters“, last year, releases his third single, “Train of Thought”, today with more in depth lyrics to consider.

The musical moniker of Sam Jackson, blends a ‘jungle’, outdoor feel to his latest offering with plenty of electro sounds to create a very different world in which to step into.

“Train Of Thought” is about constancy and is arranged like a long journey with a rolling rhythm to create a sense of motion. Through each layered sample and beat, the song becomes a trip into a more electronic world, finding that to better conjure the interior world of thoughts. EINSAM cites producers like Four Tet, Matt Pritchard and Luke Abbott as direct influences for this new track.

Sam’s first three singles were all written and demoed in Vienna and on return to England further developed and re-recorded with producer Adam ‘Cecil’ Bartlett (PJ Harvey, Ed O’Brien, Jehnny Beth) in his studio El Chiringuito in London. The Bristol based artist, whose name means ‘onesome’ in German, has more observations on every day life to come but for now his ‘train of thought’ is rolling and it’s not due to stop for anyone to get on or off for some distance…

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