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FRESH: ‘White Lies’ – Anna Mae Kelly

Anna Mae Kelly hears “White Lies”


UK singer and songwriter Anna Mae Kelly, who we met last year when she told us all about her smashing track “Infamous Kiss“, is back with a dramatic follow up, “White Lies”.

The song is her most accomplished yet, epic in scope and production, “White Lies” is a mature pop ballad with the bare necessity of music, allowing the listener to focus on Anna’s incredible vocal.

“White Lies” really is a show-stopping song with A1 class production with all the hallmarks of an Adele recording but with a personal story to it. Anna Mae talked to us and told us how the song came about:

“I spent a long-time writing music from other people’s experiences. For the first time I experienced my first real heartbreak and what felt like was the worst point in my life. I hit my first real low point. ‘White Lies’ is the first song I’ve written wrapped in deep feelings. The song is about being with someone who is bad for you. Someone you really wished you had never met, yet you can’t stop thinking what could have been if you could fix a broken relationship”.

“I may not have been around love for a long time, but I do know how it feels to be hurt and made to believe the problems in the relationship were your fault, to feel as if the reason you are left broken and burnt is nobody else’s problem but your own. I really do hope people hear and feel the lyrics the same way I did writing them”, she adds. Through personal setbacks and strong character building times, Anna Mae has created her most outstanding song yet and one which deserves appreciation by a global audience.

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