FRESH: ‘Good Things’ – Trentan

Trentan only loves “Good Things”


Australian singer Trentan (Kruger) has just released his second single, “Good Things”, the follow up to “Prelude”, as this exciting new artist begins to establish himself.

Having spent the past ten years as a session guitarist at home and in the US, Trenton blends guitar strings with summery cool pop vibes for his latest offering.

“Good Things” was mainly self-produced in Trenton’s home studio. The Brisbane based artist actually wrote the song on his return home from America while being forced into a quarantine hotel upon his arrival for two weeks he didn’t have a job, a home or a car and no ideas of how he was going to get this new project off the ground.

Trenton says “I was disheartened and disillusioned and I penned the opening line of the song – “good things, they don’t come easy”. The final version of the song lyrically finished with as lightly lighter hue, dancing more with the idea of knowing a ‘good thing’ interms of the initial spark of relationship with someone new and the exciting moment of chasing that down”.

With two tracks to his name and plenty of time left alone to write, Trenton will have more to come this year and he seeks to make his music available and for us all to take five this Summer and begin to relax after what has been a very hard and difficult year. Good things are out there to be enjoyed as well a good things in your ear with Trenton’s awesomely cool new single!

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