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FRESH: ‘Toxic History’ – Sam Seccombe

Sam Seccombe remembers a “Toxic History”


British singer and songwriter Sam Seccombe is adding one more new track to his forthcoming EP, “To Be Quite Frank” with the release of “Toxic History”.

The track follows up three others released last year from the London born artist who loves to create music to chill and just sink into completely.

“Toxic History” is a little bit funky, a little bit schmoozy, a little bit addictive while the lyric focus on a complicated relationship: 50% spent separated across the Atlantic, 50% spent glued together and 100% toxic. There are Caribbean rhythms to be found here as well as some Jazz influence and perhaps a little serving of reggae in Sam’s music as his clear and honest vocals relay those memories.

As Sam says of the song: “Facing the facts of a break-up – no matter how hard you try to shake it off, some bits stick around longer than you’d like them to. I think a big part of getting over something hurtful like that is confronting the aftershocks, and how it might affect the way you react to situations in the future”.

“Toxic History” follows on from “Waiting On Your Love”, “Unboyfriend” and “I Won’t Be Doing That Again” as Sam prepares to releaes what will be her debut EP of songs since he emerged on the scene back in 2018 with “Write The World Away”. Since then Sam has grown a solid fan base and steady streaming figures with his earlier 2021 single, “Into You”, proving a big hit as Sam takes his listener friendly brand of pop to appeal to all genres and interests further and higher than ever before.

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