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FRESH: ‘I Can’t Look At You Now’ – Nick Catoire

Nick Catoire says “I Can’t Look At You Now”


NY pop artist Nick Catoire has just released his third single, “I Can’t Look At You Now”, in the run up to his forthcoming debut EP.

Following on from “No Promises” and “See You Again”, “I Can’t Look At You Now” is a hypnotic R&B/Pop number that recalls not being able to be around someone that has treated you wrong.

Nick is a queer pop artist who has injected his own personal experience into all of his songs and “I Can’t Look At You Now” is no exception. Nick tells is better:

“It’s about my biggest heartbreak. Soon after my first love left me and shattered my world, we ended up at the same New Year’s party. At midnight, I watched him kiss his ex-girlfriend. I was trying so hard to play it cool. It was absolute hell. Growing up as the only gay guy in my town, I thought I would never find love. Falling for this guy made me believe I was wrong. When he left, all that fear and shame came back, dragging me lower than ever before. In the song, I’m telling him “I can’t look at you now”, but I’m also saying it to myself”.

Originating from the ‘swaps of Louisiana’, Nick has risen from restrictive and secluded surroundings to open up to himself and the world about who he is and how he feels. Nick’s outlet for that is music and with one play, you can feel every high and low that Nick has endured thus far. “I Can’t Look At You Now” is a dark and trippy ode to lost love. Love that cannot be. But also a love that hasn’t yet died inside. Let’s hope things improve in the future for Nick. His music certainly is.

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