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FRESH: ‘Stuck On Silver Linings’ – Waking April

Waking April are “Stuck On Silver Linings”

Electro Pop

Husband and wife Bethany and Alex formed electro pop duo Waking April, six years ago. Their new single, “Stuck On Silver Linings”, is out now.

The superbly synth-electro number highlights Beth’s multi-tone vocal from soft and seductive to high and mighty against a backdrop of dramatic synths.

Having released their debut single, “Talking Dogs”, in 2015, the duo really cemented their sound with “Stretch” in 2019. 2020 saw a trio of outstanding songs released, “Bells”, “Don’t Let Me Catch You Breathing” and “Feels Like Holding On”, while they rounded the year off with the heavy guitar synth track, “Something High”. “Stuck On Silver Linings” is the first of four new songs to come in 2021 and the couple have had plenty of time together to work on new material.

Waking April explain the new single in more detail: “‘Stuck On Silver Linings’ is a song that came from our 2020. Of course, the pandemic hurt everyone, some more than others, and we found ourselves desperately trying to stay optimistic and believe that things would get better. But 2020 was so hard. We quarantined and cancelled all our shows, right when we were hitting our stride musically. This song is really about 2 things at once”.

The group add: “One is the song speaking to the exhaustion we felt trying to find the bright side and not letting our fears of the future dominate our present. But it’s hard work being optimistic when doing the things that bring you joy is literally dangerous. The other element in the song is the phrase ‘living with the lights on’. During the quarantine when things were really dark, we’d turn on our phones or TV and see people making the most out of the situation: being productive, creating opportunities, being creative with the lockdown, or just being on top of their stuff”.

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