FRESH: ‘Buried Alive’ – KTEE

KTEE feels “Buried Alive”


KTEE – who we met earlier this year with her single “Push And Pull” – has released her new song, “Buried Alive“, about a personal experience she had a few years ago.

She got to know a young man and they felt an immediate connection. However, they were very different in terms of interests, attitudes, lifestyle and goals for the future.

But they both wanted it to work so badly. Because their love was strong. Unfortunately, not strong enough, as it turned out later. They had to end their relationship. Then KTEE wrote “Buried Alive” to cope with the pain. The song is the result of a painful heartbreak.

KTEE has been singing since the moment she spoke her first word and hasn’t stopped since. Countless hours of her childhood were spent in her tiny room. This is where she trained her voice on her own, relying only on her mother’s bulky red tape recorder. One pop song after another was recorded, listened to, analyzed and re-sung until she was fully satisfied with the sound. In fact, 102 recordings were collected on her treasured cassettes to the point of breaking – literally!

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