Miami Snow

FRESH: ‘Electric Charge’ – Miami Snow

Miami Snow debut with “Electric Charge”

Synth Pop

Max Langley and producer Hillary Steps are a new synth pop duo based in Brighton (home of many great acts!). They launch themselves today with “Electric Charge”.

Partly retro synth and partly Max’s touching, subdued vocal, “Electric Charge” centres on a very public break up of a relationship and constant changing feelings.

Miami Snow is a music and visual art project that has come about from the national enforced lockdown. With nothing else to do, Max and Hillary bought out a small room at the back of a building site and spent a year moulding the apathetic, androgynous, unpredictable character who became the focus of their work.

The sublime “Electric Charge” is the first in a series of tracks coming out over the next few months as Miami Snow, who self state they “explore the world’s obsession with social media and the personality complexes found within it”, seek to bring their backdated, futuristic sounds away from the south coast of England to far off lands and back again. Good luck boys!

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