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FRESH: ‘Do You Feel Me?’ – Lowly Light

Lowly Light asks, “Do You Feel Me?”


Producer and songwriter Matt Gorny released his debut single as Lowly Light, “Lose You”, a few months ago. He’s following that up with “Do You Feel Me?”.

The Summery dance anthem reminds you of early 00’s house-club tunes so will appeal to all lovers of old school and classic Ibiza days and DJ’s like Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyk.

Matt has already aquitted himself as a songwriter for various dance acts over the last ten years and finally, perhaps enforced as well, in 2020, he started to push himself outside his comfort zone and, as a fan of left-field dance pop, embraced the opportunity to combine infectious melodies and tight percussion by leveraging electronic production. One thing is for sure, you will ‘feel’ only good vibes and good thoughts with this cracking tune!

Matt says of “Do You Feel Me?”: “The song began with the lyrics: ‘We come down off the same feeling, lean on each other for everything’. From there I just let the song reveal itself to me. It’s an exciting way to have the unconscious mind direct the flow and feel a connection to the universe. Hopefully listeners will respond to the message of the song: survival, friendship and the swagger of youth battling the unstoppable force of time”.

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