dua lipa free


The song, “I’m Free”, was originally recorded by The Rolling Stones in 1965

“I’m Free” was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones for the UK version of their 1965 album, “Out Of Our Heads”, oddly this was not replicated on the US release. The song was not released as a single but did end up as the B side to “Get Off My Cloud”, which topped both the UK and US singles chart.

The song was re-invented in 1990 by British indie band, The Soup Dragons, who had been trying for a hit for four years. It broke them out into the open and climbed to No.5 in the UK and No.79 in America, in the Summer of 1990, becoming their biggest and, so far, only major hit anywhere, as well as their best known recording.

Dua Lipa recorded her version for a 2019 Yves Saint Laurent perfume commercial, although the song remains currently unreleased commercially, which is a shame as she brings a new slant on both previous versions and I am sure would have scored high in the singles chart.

But which version is the best? ROLLING STONES’ original, SOUP DRAGONS’ 90’s cover or DUA LIPA’s slant?

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