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FRESH: ‘Want More’ – Lola Lennox

Lola Lennox asks if you “Want More”…


Lola Lennox has been quiet for a year but she’s not just been taking it easy after launching her music career. Lola returns with a new song, “Want More” and she’s also recorded her debut EP!

“Want More” tempts and teases with an understated pop vibe that sees Lola deliver a tune that is more soulful than her hard-hitting pop tunes that have gone before.

It’s been a year since Lola graced us with the storming pop anthems “Love Like That” and “La La Love Me” and now she returns with the first new song that will feature on her debut EP, which will be released in october. The daughter of Annie Lennox, Lola has set her own agenda on how her own music sounds with the full blessing of Mum.

Lola states that “Want More” is about living in a time where we are told that if we gain more success, find love, fit societies beauty standards, or have a sought-after lifestyle we will be ‘good enough’. It’s a reminder that true happiness is found when we are content within ourselves, without the external validations. Something Lola achieves with each new song she gifts to us. Welcome back!

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