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FRESH: ‘Loving Is Wasted’ – Arin

Arin confesses that “Loving Is Wasted”


It’s been a little while since we caught up with singer/songwriter Arin with his debut release “All I Want 2 See” and his later track “Obvious“. Well, Arin is back with a stonking new song called “Loving Is Wasted”.

2021 saw Arin break out with his soulful, yet simple melodies about love, life and his own personal fears and feelings. “Loving Is Wasted” is no exception.

2022 closes with his fourth new song that follows on from “Therapy”, “Own Worst Enemy” and “Anything” but “Loving Is Wasted” shows the young and aspiring star of the future in more settled, mature surroundings with a wicked backing track to this consistently-gorgeous song. Arin’s vocals are not overstated. They blend and merge into the dreamscape of the whole as he wears his heart on his sleeve and opens up about a love that should be perfect but is seemingly made impossible.

London-based Arin is rapidly spreading his name around the music industry with his growing list of achievements and his own playful take on heart-throbbing electro-pop anthems. How long will it be before fame and fortune come knocking at the door? Keep the bar as high as “Loving Is Wasted” Arin, and it won’t be too long…

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