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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Emma (Eurovision 1990)

Eurovision in 1990 gave us ‘Emma’. How much love did she give back to the world and where is she now?

At just 16 years of age, Emma Booth was the youngest UK entry to Eurovision. Having already enjoyed consistant success throughout the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, the United Kingdom sought to continue this into the 1990’s with new and young blood to the competition. Of all the hopefuls, Welsh teenager Emma Booth was selected to sing Eurovision veteran Paul Curtis’ song “Give A Little Love Back To The World”, giving some hope and love to a world that had just begun to discuss the environment and our future. Emma was helped with six backing singers that included Stock Aitken Waterman regular Miriam Stockley, later to sing on the early 1991 TV ad song “Only You”. But the message being conveyed by “Give A Little Love Back To The World” did not get through as much as was hoped and the song came in sixth at the end of the night in Zagreb in the former Yugoslavia.

The UK had come second the previous two years and 13th in 1987 with Rikki. “Give A Little Love Back To The World” peaked at No.33 in the singles chart, which was at least a success, given that it was the first song to make the top 40 since Belle and The Devotions‘ “Love Games” back in 1984. Emma herself went back to school and finished her education before making a return to music in 1991 with “Dance All Night”. But the song flopped and Emma called it a day. She dropped off the face of the planet and now lives in Seattle with her husband and family well away from her home town and the trappings of being one of the UK’s former Eurovision entrants, which she will be reminded of from time to time.

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