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FRESH: ‘Lost’ (EP) – Pet Shop Boys

The Pet Shop Boys get “Lost” in 2015


2023 is already shaping up to be another busy year for Chris and Neil of the Pet Shop Boys. With the advent of their upcoming definitive collection – “Smash” – due this Summer and more tour dates.

With new music also ‘in production’, the ‘boys’ furnish us with five new, but not quite so new, tracks with their new “Lost” extended play collection.

The five tracks were all recorded for their 2015 album “Super” but didn’t make the final pressing. From the sombre “The Lost Room” to the electric “I Will Fall”, this is a lesson in electro-synth-pop to any budding wannabe. “I Will Fall” is pure PSB at it’s intoxicating best, while “Skeletons In The Closet” begins as an eerie number which is followed by the intensity of “Kaputnik”, a track very reminiscent of Kraftwork’s early work. The EP concludes with the gorgeous ballad “Living In The Past”, a rare down-tempo moment for the iconic duo.

All the songs were written and produced by the Pet Shop Boys and mixed/engineered by Pete Gleadall. Cover artwork is by Farrow/PSB. “Lost” is accompanied with the 2023 edition of Annually, which this year runs to 64 pages and features a diary and behind-the-scenes photos from the first leg of the Dreamworld tour, including headlining the Other Stage at the Glastonbury Festival. Neil and Chris discuss the Pet Shop Boys/New Order co-headline Unity tour of North America, with exclusive photographs by New Order’s creative director Warren Jackson.

The ‘Boys featured strongly in all our conscious in 2022 with the title of their 1987 number one “It’s A Sin” being used for the poignant TV series produced by Channel 4 that found such a huge following across the world. With nearly 40 years in the business both Chris and Neil show no signs of calming things down just yet. They’ve been hitting us with a succession of tunes that rarely changes from the sound that established them commercially in late 1985 with “West End Girls”. And long may that continue!

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