SONGS TURNING 30: Top Ten Songs From 1989

SONGS TURNING 30: Top Ten Songs From 1989

Songs Released In 1989

By Steve McSteveface

Following on from previous year’s successful posts ’20 Songs That Will Be Turning 20 In 2017′, ‘10 Songs That Will Be Turning 30 In 2017‘ and Songs From 1989 I have decided to keep the tradition going even although it always makes me feel REALLY old!

In 2019 – these songs are turning 30 and although that does make me feel SUPER OLD it’s a good chance to properly reminisce about some of them to see if they have stood the test of time.

To compile the full playlist I have based it on songs that hit the UK charts in 1989. They might have been released in 1988, they might have been released many years before but became popular again in 1989 so that’s how I’m working it. If anyone is going to get picky with the dates then go and turn off the internet and read something like this instead – we don’t want your sort here thank you!

In 1989 I was 11 years old and really starting to love music. I probably used to dress something like this except possibly less’ cooler’ if that’s possible.

SONGS TURNING 30: Top Ten Songs From 1989

A Sony Walkman would have been too expensive for me so I probably listened to music on something like this.

SONGS TURNING 30: Top Ten Songs From 1989

Despite my terrible clothes and cheap personal stereo these were still awesome times!

Before we get to the full playlist and in no particular order, here are some my favourite songs from 1989.

‘Waiting For A Star To Fall’ – Boy Meets Girl

Released: November 1988

UK Chart Position: 9

This song was originally offered to Belinda Carlisle and then to Whitney Houston but both decided not to go with it. Eventually the songwriters decided to record it themselves and I am so glad they did.

‘I Don’t Want A Lover’ – Texas

Released: January 1989

UK Chart Position: 8

The debut single from one of the best Scottish bands ever who are still going strong today. This song has absolutely stood the test of time!

‘Eternal Flame’ – The Bangles

Released: February 1989

UK Chart Position: 1

This song was inspired by two eternal flames one of which was at the gravesite of Elvis Presley. It’s such a beautiful song and always makes memories come flooding back to me whenever I hear it.

‘Like A Prayer’ – Madonna

Released: March 1989

UK Chart Position: 1

One of my all time favourite Madonna songs. People can say what they like about Madonna but 30 years later and she is still producing great pop music.

‘Song For Whoever’ – The Beautiful South

Released: July 1989

UK Chart Position: 2

“Jennifer, Alison, Philippa, Sue…” Oh come on we all know all the words to this so join in!

‘You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You’ – Sonia

Released: June 1989

UK Chart Position: 1

1989 was a bumper year for Stock, Aitken and Waterman artists but I am only going to include one song in this list and it’s the debut song from the Scousey Bouncy Sonia. This was a favourite at school discos for sure!

‘Pure’ – The Lightning Seeds

Released: June 1989

UK Chart Position: 16

An unlikely entry to include in this list you might think but there is something I have always loved about this song.

‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ – Cher

Released: July 1989

UK Chart Position: 6

I’m quite surprised that this ‘anthem’ of a song only reached number 6 when it was released. Oh well, Cher would have to wait almost another 10 years for her next number 1.

‘Never Too Late‘ – Kylie

Released: October 1989

UK Chart Position: 4

I did say I would only include one Stock, Aitken and Waterman song but of course how could I not include a song by Pop Princess Kylie Minogue.

‘C’mon And Get My Love‘ – D-Mob & Cathy Dennis

Released: November 1989

UK Chart Position: 15

This was the song that introduced Cathy Dennis to the world and she went on to have a successful solo career and is now an established, sought after songwriter.

That’s my list of 10 and it was a tough call and if I had to do it again it would be different each time – there are just so many great songs from 1989.

I also started a discussion on the subreddit Popheads to share their favourites with me and here’s what they said…

Reddit Popheads

I’ve added all these songs AND MORE to a Spotify playlist and called it…

Songs From 1989

What about you? What songs would you pick out from 1989?

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