Rising contemporary singer/songwriter MARKX speaks to talkaboutpopmusic.com!

by Christopher Smith

With two extended plays (“Air” and “Water“) already behind him, singer, songwriter and friend of talkaboutpopmusic.com MARKX takes some time out to talk to us about life, music and his aspirations for the future.

TAPM: Firstly many congratulations on both your EP’s! amazing songs on each one. Do you have a particular favourite or one that has special meaning to you?

M: Thank you! They are all my favourite and all based on real life experience – “Helium Balloon” from the “Air” EP is the most precious to me, it captured a very poignant and pivotal time in my life and was like therapy to write it!

TAPM: You ‘learned your craft’ under Carleen Anderson, formerly of The Young Disciples, that must of been a magical experience for you…

M: Carleen is in an incredible mentor, kind patient and humble! I remember very clearly her in our classes, encouraging me to open up and be vulnerable vocally: recognising that my voice was different and encouraging me to explore that.

TAPM: Are there any artists or groups you would like to record/work with?

M: I would love to work with Years & Years, Rebecca Ferguson and Jack Savoretti. They all have something so different and unique in their sound and voices!


TAPM: So we’ve had “Water” and “Air“, is “Land” next?(!) Are there any plans for a full album anytime in the near future?

M: Ha ha – we’re heading to “Earth” for the next one 18th March. It’s a lot more stripped back and organic compared to the first two EP’s. An album is very tempting – it’s just that with the advent of streaming, consumer habits have changed. EPs seem to be more digestible – that said there are 2 more EP’s on the way between now and July! And I’ll be working on new songs over the coming months for future release.


TAPM: Do you have any plans to play live or indeed, do you have any gigs coming up this year at all?

M: I played my first official MARKX show in Brighton earlier this month and I’ll be adding some bigger shows over the coming months – hopefully heading to London, Birmingham and Newcastle soon! Will keep you posted!

And we look forward to that immensely! Be sure to follow MARKX with us with all his future releases and live events as he ascends further towards fame and that bright, twinkling star in the sky.

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Written by aylshamchris

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