REVIEW: 'Everyday Is Christmas' - Sia

REVIEW: ‘Everyday Is Christmas (Deluxe)’ – Sia

Sia Sparkles for Christmas

By Steve McSteveface

I hadn’t been been so excited for a Christmas album since Kylie Minogue released hers a couple of years ago.

When I heard Sia was releasing one I was semi excited. When I heard it was going to be an album of original Christmas songs I got really excited. I was also a little nervous – what if it didn’t live up to my expectations.

It did!

She first of all teased us with “Santa’s Coming For Us” which I love almost immediately she released a star-studded video to go with the song.

I knew after hearing this that it is going to be on my Christmas playlists for many years to come!

Sia followed this up with “Snowman” which is a lovely ballad that we have come to expect from her. It initially reminded me a little of Rufus Wainwright’s version of “Hallelujah” which is by no means a bad thing!

Then on November 17th 2018 the full album “Everyday Is Christmas” was released and I was there at the stroke of midnight to listen to this awesome early Christmas present.

Once the lead song “Santa’s Coming For Us” is over the album continues with “Candy Cane Lane”. This reminds me of an old-fashioned Christmas tune. I can just see Sia’s grandparents bopping along to this back in the day.

Following “Snowman” is “Snowflake” which is kind of like Sia’s ode to a snowflake. She loves her snowflake but sadly as we all know shit happens and snow melts! Prepare to shed a Christmas tear.

“Ho Ho Ho” is a festive drinking song if ever there was one. I know for sure I’ll be having a few Christmas wines and turning this song up loud!

We all know that puppies are for life and not just for Christmas but Sia puts this message to music in “Puppies Are Forever” and I have to admit this is the song that has been in my head the most since hearing this album for the first time.

I personally don’t associate sun with Christmas but remember that Sia is from Australia and they have Christmas dinner on the beach so I’m sure she has a good reason for writing a Christmas tune called “Sunshine”.

A Christmas song that has the words “la la la la la” repeated multiple times is always going to be a winner with me so “Underneath The Mistletoe” hits the right notes for me!

Next we have the title track “Everyday Is Christmas” and to be honest I was a bit disappointed. Probably the reason for this is because I was hoping for a Sia-sequel version of the Wizzard classic. Once I got over that and listened to the song for what it is she has won me over.

Closing the original album is “Underneath The Christmas Lights”. If you are spending Christmas alone I would recommend you not to listen to this song. As usual she sings it well but it’s by no means a holly, jolly Christmas underneath this set of Christmas lights.

This year Sia has released a deluxe version of the album which includes a few new tracks. Amazing, right?

“Round and Round’ has previously been recorded by Perry Como and I have to say that this is my favourite addition to the deluxe album. I am sure I will be playing it while I am dancing around my Christmas tree.

Everything you want to hear in a Sia song is right there in “Sing For My Life”. Aside from the fact she mentions Mistletoe quite a lot this could easy be a song for any time of the year.

The final new track is “My Old Santa Claus” and what a great way to close this album.

Will this album be once again be getting played a lot this Christmas by me? Absolutely! If the playlist ghost of Christmas future came to visit me would it tell me I am still playing it – for sure!

Finally, I have been known to rock out in my Sia wig but if anyone knows where I can buy the Christmas version then please let me know!

Thanks Sia and may I be the first to wish you a Merry Christmas!

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