Jeffrey Chan

FRESH: ‘Glow’ – Jeffrey Chan

Jeffrey Chan radiates with “Glow”!

Pop singer/songwriter Jeffrey Chan, who we have been following for some time now, enters a new era of synth-pop music with his new single “Glow”. “Glow” was written and produced amid self-isolation. Being inspired to grow his music and it’s direction, the new single continues on the path of blending retro and modern sounds loved by fans of Chan’s music. Building on this success and his love for new sounds in the genre, “Glow” is the result of Chan’s attempts at finding creative ways to stay safe and sane while in isolation amidst the pandemic, which resulted in a halted self-funded US tour.

Chan turned to his social media platforms to do weekly livestreams to continue his love for performance and connect with fans across the world and “Glow”, which pulses and vibrates from beginning to end, will surely delight his existing fanbase as well as earn him many new keen ears. “Glow” was selected as part of a weekly live streamed event dubbed #QuarantineSessions, when fans across the world selected what would be his next single. This glittery and sugar-sweet new track was created with a limited powerhouse team as a result of quarantine.

“Glow” is the result of his passion to continue creating, as Glow was not only written and recorded in his home studio, but Chan also shot the single cover and music video in his at-home space, making and constructing his own sets! To accompany the release of “Glow”, Jeffrey will release a series of content over a month-long period, including a music video, a ‘Behind The Lyrics’ video, live performance, an Instagram/Facebook filter, and a virtual release party on the day of release! “Glow” follows the success of Chan’s 2019 EP “FaultLine: AfterShock” and his previous releases “Precious“, “Tell Me The Truth” and “Crazy About You“, which we have covered.

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