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VIEWS: Kylie’s Most Popular Music Videos

Kylie Minogue’s most popular music videos

So how many of these twenty would you rate among your favourite Kylie vids and which one is the most watched? Figures are taken only from the official videos as posted on Kylie’s YouTube and VEVO channel and in many cases, they are often made up of more than one video, given that many have an HD version. Press play and see what you think…

Red Blooded Woman (2004)


19. Chocolate (2004)

Back to 2004 and Kylie’s third and final release from the “Body Language” album saw he perform an elegant ballet as part of the video for what was her sexist recording till the song at No.19 was conceived. “Chocolate” made No.6 in the UK and No.14 in Australia, so not one of her ‘greatest’ hits, but with 16,300,000 views, it seems people are drawn by the sheer beauty and class of this breathless Kylie epic.

18. Dancing (2018)

17. Magic (2020)


16. Slow (2003)

From the last to the first release from “Body Language“, “Slow” was another Kylie video that broke new ground. Filmed in Madrid around a swimming pool, Kylie and company simply writhe within the confines of their towels as people enjoy a dive in the pool. Slowly. The song hit number one on both sides of the world and was well received in America too. 17,800,000 views confirms its place as the opener of her ninth studio album and the era it defines.

15. Kids (2000)

Kylie’s duet with Robbie Williams from 2000 features a lustful video in which they both tease each other lyrically and visually. Robbie may have a “12 cylinder symphony”, but it’s Kylie who is “chairman of the board” for this all out show tune that continues to dominate her live performances years after Robbie ditched the song. A Silver certified number two hit in the UK helps the 18,800,000 views for this 21 year old. If only Robbie had joined Kylie on stage at Glastonbury for this one, who know how many more million views it would have…

14. Stop Me From Falling (2018)

The second single from “Golden“, “Stop Me From Falling”, benefits from two music videos. One shot as part of her exclusive album preview concerts and the other with Gente De Zona filmed in Cuba that came two months later. So that’s why this song has more views than “Dancing” and with the GDZ version far outpacing the original song, combined we leap over the 21,200,000 mark for the first time.

13. The Locomotion (1987)

Only two Kylie songs from the 1980’s make this list in terms of view counts and “The Locomotion” is one of them. Her seven week chart topper from 1987 which became a UK No.2 and US No.3 smash the following year continues to pile up the viewing figures as we all love to watch the 19 year old and her dance troop actually do the locomotion in front of the camera and it was from here that we were hooked. Over 23,500,000 to date…


12. Spinning Around (2000)

Kylie’s glorious comeback after a number of years ‘experimenting’ was with this pop/disco classic which was also the lead single from the “Light Years” album. A pair of 50p gold hotpants was all it took, a nightclub and Kylie was back in the limelight, where she belonged, and it’s been like that ever since. Her UK/Aus number one so far has over 26,300,000 views to support that.

11. Get Outta My Way (2010)

Kylie really made a big comeback with the “Aphrodite” album in 2010 and with the second single, “Get Outta My Way”, gave us an in-your-face pop/dance filler to really get up and dance to. With superb lighting effects that follow Kylie’s movements and filled with vocal and visual confidence, this song may not have been the biggest of hits (annoyingly), but with over 28,800,000 hits, the video strikes a pose.

10. Timebomb (2012)

Celebrating 25 years in music is something few artists achieve, but in 2012, Kylie did so and she gave us a brand new song with “Timebomb”. Filmed in the streets and alleyways of Soho, London, the fast moving and sexy techno-dance spectacle of “Timebomb” flew up the dance charts around the world and went to number one in America. The video continues to enthrall and with a count of 28,900,000, I’m sure it’s played on a loop in all bars in that London borough(!)

9. Where The Wild Roses Grow (1995)

Only one Kylie song from the whole of the 1990’s makes it this far and it’s not “Better The Devil You Know” (which incidentally currently carries a view count of 4,800,000). Kylie’s haunting duet with Nick Cave is a murder ballad so we see Kylie down by the river as Nick pops along with a rock in his fist to… well, do something quite horrible to Eliza Day. The song was a big hit at home where it peaked at No.2 but took a number of years to really find its feet in the UK, where it entered the chart at No.11. 30,400,000 views on the video and a high point of her Glastonbury set secure this creepy classic’s place in history.


8. All The Lovers (2010)

Back to the “Aphrodite” era and the album’s lead single saw a reborn and clearly better Kylie make her return. The smile says it all. The doves, the horse and the ever growing mountain of ‘lovers’ set this video really apart from anything any other artist or band has ever produced. And let’s not forget the inflatable elephant too, he has his part to play in all this! A big seller and impressive chart positions worldwide make this for many fans, her absolute best ever and with 30,500,000 views in just over ten years, the video is also a clear winner.

7. Come Into My World (2002)

Only one album can boast all four singles and videos on this list and it is of course “Fever“. Hardly surprising really, but oddly the video to the fourth and final, “Come Into My World”, does not follow the high tech visuals of its predecessors. Instead, it opts just for Kylie walking down the street, in and out of shops. True, there are multiple Kylie’s but somehow it feels at odds with the rest of this era and is inconsistent. That said, 31,800,000 people clearly love it and it’s top ten!

6. Especially For You (1988)

The other 80’s Kylie song on the most watched list is her first duet with Jason Donovan from Christmas 1988, which seems to have an eternal life all of its own. Well over thirty years later, we can’t help but love this soppy ballad and her show in London’s Hyde Park in 2018 proved that as out came Jason for a bit of a dance and a bit of a sing-song as over 50,000 people sang “together, together…”. With over 37,900,000 views, we still dream of these two meeting up at a train station and generally looking perfect together.

5. In Your Eyes (2002)

Our second entry from “Fever” is the second single with its electro lighting spanning all the colours of the rainbow as Kylie visually strides into focus with a variety of colourful costumes to match. Perfectly complimenting the style and concept of this era, “In Your Eyes” was a number one ‘down under’ and a top three hit in the UK and with over 46,600,000 hits on the web, a surefire favourite among “Fever” lovers everywhere.

4. Love At First Sight (2002)

Fever” single number three was the sensational “Love At First Sight”, which even on first listen of the album, simply cried out for single release. The Summer of 2002 was that perfect time and with yet another visually stunning video with flashing white bricks/square, orange helmeted dancers and lots of weird white flowers sprouting out of the sky, this song became an instant hit all over the world, especially in America where it reached No.23 on the singles chart. The video currently exceeds 46,900,000 hits, and seems likely to keep on going, always ahead of its predecessor.

3. In My Arms (2008)

2. Higher (2011)

Kylie’s collaboration with Taio Cruz was massive and came towards the end of the “Aphrodite” era. It was also a welcome boost to American popularity where the song topped the dance chart and made No.24 on the singles chart. It was a chart smash internationally while the video was played endlessly on music television day and night, making sure we all saw Kylie in the back of Taio’s car driving about or stepping out in a deserted car park to writhe around and singer “you’re taking me higher off the ground”. 100,000,000 now agree!


1. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (2001)

It’s hardly surprising that Kylie’s global smash from 2001 that opened the “Fever” era is the most watched. The main video alone would put it number one. But with three other official videos of varying definition and quality thrown in, her million selling chart topper currently totals over 368,000,000 hits and it increases by the second! You will have to choose which part of the video is your favourite. Kylie driving down a CGI road in her car, the white catsuit dance or the finale set against the skyscrapers and dressed in an outfit with hundreds of small mirrors attached. The choice is complicated but perhaps worth another watch before deciding. Oh, 369,000,000 now!

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