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VIEWS: Kylie’s Most Popular Spotify Tracks

Kylie Minogue’s most listened to tracks on Spotify

As a companion to Kylie’s most watched music videos, here are Kylie’s most listened to songs from Spotify. These are the top twenty most listened to and there are some new editions and some changes from the videos chart, which makes it that much more interesting! Which ones do you play again and again and which are you surprised not to see on this list? If you favourite isn’t here, get streaming!

20. On A Night Like This (2000)

One that missed the video top 20 was the second single from the “Light Years” album, “On A Night Like This”, which topped the Australian singles chart and reached No.2 in the UK. The song remains a fan favourite and a staple of her live shows, which keeps listening figures healthy at 17,200,000.

19. The Other Boys (2015)

Another newcomer is “The Other Boys”, Kylie’s collaboration with Jake Shears and NERVO, which topped the US Club chart, and despite no formal release around the world, the song makes our list with over 17,500,000 plays. The video, incidentally, has over 5,000,000 views.

18. In My Arms (2008)

The song that was number three on the video chart does not feature so high on the Spotify chart, but with 17,600,000 listens, “In My Arms” is still one of Kylie’s twenty most played.

17. At Christmas (2016)

Kylie’s “All I Want For Christmas” from the expanded “Kylie Christmas: Snow Queen” release is a surprise addition to this list with over 19,100,000 plays. The gift that will keep on giving every festive season forever more. Good thinking Kylie!


16. Kids (2000)

Kylie’s duet with Robbie Williams also featured on the video top 20 and does so again here, with constant live performances, it’s Spotify tally currently stands at 20,100,000.

15. Magic (2020)

No videos from the “Disco” era have yet to make it on the top twenty most watched, but with over 11,500,000, “Magic” isn’t far off. It’s the first of three singles from her current album to make it this far and with 22,700,000 plays, it’s already becoming one of her greatest and biggest songs of all time. Magic!

14. Say Something (2020)

Only one spot ahead of “Magic” is the album’s lead single, “Say Something”, with 23,000,000 plays. Although the video was long overtaken by “Magic” for viewing figures, “Say Something” has also become a much loved Kylie standard and will only climb higher as the year’s go by.


13. Stop Me From Falling (2018)

The “Golden” album was represented by the two big singles on the video chart and does so here as well, with the second single notching up 23,100,000 Spotify plays to date, we just can’t get enough of this infectious tune.

12. Real Groove (2020)

The most popular track from “Disco“, currently, is the third single, “Real Groove”. Pure, unadulterated disco heaven, the song exceeds its two predecessors with over 30,800,000 plays and is already seeking to oust older, more established hits from the top ten…

11. Spinning Around (2000)

Kylie’s first number one of the 21st century is just as popular here as the video is there and with 31,400,000 listens to date, you KNOW you like it like this!

10. The Locomotion (1988)

The ONLY Kylie song from the 1980’s to get that may Spotify plays is Kylie’s very first, “The Locomotion”, which also figured high on the video count. Here, it’s not far off a count of 32,000,000, so keep chugging.

9. Dancing (2018)

The lead single from “Golden” has already been granted ‘Kylie classic’ status in all media and with 32,200,000 plays on Spotify, we just cannot get enough of this infectious anthem.

8. Love At First Sight (2002)

Just three tracks from “Fever” feature on this chart and “Love At First Sight” is one of them. Her fourth most popular video is the eighth on Spotify with over 34,600,000 plays and ever increasing.

7. Get Outta My Way (2010)

Another top tenner is “Get Out Of My Way”, which is surprising given its relatively poor commercial chart positions it attained upon release. On Spotify, we’ve played it 35,500,000 times so far. If only that were the number of physical single sales…(!)

6. All The Lovers (2010)

The lead single from “Aphrodite” is only a few plays behind with 35,700,000. Neck and neck between the two big players from this era on all formats available.

5. In Your Eyes (2002)

Over at Spotify, “In Your Eyes”, fares better than “Love At First Sight” for plays, with 38,500,000 so far and that keeps it ahead of the bigger of the two on this format.

4. Where The Wild Roses Grow (1995)

The only Kylie song from the 1990’s to make this chart is her duet with Nick Cave, which is also another big contender on the video chart. Here, we’ve played it 40,800,000 times and it’s top five!

3. Higher (2011)

Kylie and Taio Cruz were obviously a good match as the video is the second most watched and here, with 49,200,000 plays, it’s the third most popular. He sure did take her ‘higher’ off the ground with this partnership.

2. Santa Baby (2000)

We take a BIG leap from number three to number two and Kylie’s enduring Christmas recording of Eartha Kitt’s 1953 classic charts every year, and it appears not to have peaked yet, more than twenty years since it was included as a B side to the “Please Stay” single. Every December, we just can’t get enough of Kylie’s recording and it shows with a massive 132,000,000 listens! How many more will be added this festive season?


1. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (2001)

The song that tops them all is still the lead single from the “Fever” era, which dominates Kylie’s career still to this day. Will it ever be bettered? The choice is yours, but with 234,000,000 plays, it will take something pretty sensational to beat this.

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