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FRESH: ‘Dreamer’ (EP) – Lola Lennox

Lola Lennox releases “Dreamer”, her debut EP


Lola Lennox presents two brand new songs as part of her very first EP collection titled “Dreamer”, the culmination of over three years solid creation, that we have followed since her debut back in 2020.

“Dreamer” offers the listener both the title track and “Hourglass”, together with her most recent singles “Want More“, “Love Like That” and “Wherever You Go“, as part of this five-song release.

“Dreamer” itself starts off quiet and builds to an euphoric chorus in which Lola delivers soaring, angelic vocals, reaching a new high for her and showcasing her growing confidence to its absolute zenith. “Hourglass” takes Lola into new territory with a smoky, 60’s R&B/Blues feel to it that is both thought-provoking and sublime. The two new tracks compliment Lola’s more classy-Pop sounds of “Want More” and “Love Like That”, both of which were released in 2022.

Since her debut with “In The Wild“, Lola has been forging and carving her own niche within the music industry, steadily and without fuss or fanfare, delivering time after time, superb, standout Pop numbers like “La La Love Me” to “Back At Wrong“. Now with “Dreamer”, Lola ramps up her output with two gorgeous and polar opposite tunes together with her three most recent songs that can only wet ones appetite for the prospect of a full length album…!

“Dreamer” is produced by New York based musician, model and actor Braeden Wright, while production and recording has been carried out under the watchful eye of Mum, her executive producer, the incomparable Annie Lennox. But Lola is doing this on her own terms, in her own time and in her own style. Mum is on hand to offer advice and guidance, as befitting a veteran of more than forty years in the business, but “Dreamer” succeeds as Lola’s vision and her own strength as a writer and as an artist in her own right.

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