Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Semi Final Two - Songs & Predicitons

Eurovision 2017: Semi Final Two – Songs, Favourites & Predictions


Eurovision 2017

The highlight of the musical year – Eurovision 2017 is almost upon us and having reviewed all the entries it’s almost time for the first semi final!

When Is Eurovision 2017?

The first semi final takes place on May 9th 20:00 GMT followed by the second semi final on May 11th 20:00 with the grand final in Kyiv on May 13th!

From each semi final only 10 acts will qualify to the grand final. The Big Five countries (UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany) and the host country (Ukraine) will automatically get to the final.

Semi Final Two – My Favourites (10)

Here is who I want to qualify from semi final two and, unlike previous years, these are in a particular order – click the images to see the full reviews.

Semi Final Two – My Not So Favourites (8)

Here is who I don’t want to qualify from semi final two and these are in no particular order – click the images to see the full reviews


Here is who I think will qualify:

Austria, FYR Macedonia, Malta, The Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark, Switzerland, Belarus, Bulgaria, Israel.

Here is the playlist of the all the songs from semi final two – both the music videos and the live performances (where available).

What do you think of these entries? Is one of these the winner? What are your predictions?

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