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CHARTS: UK Top 40 Singles Chart 27th December 1992

UK Top 40 Singles Chart for Sunday 27th December 1992

So this was the chart that Radio 1 DJ Bruno Brookes broadcast from 4pm-7pm with data from the GALLUP computer based on record sales from Monday 21st to Saturday 26th December 1992.

This is how the charts USED to look with new entries, climbers and non-movers, all based solely on record purchases.
This week, thirty years ago, there were three new entrys, sixteen climbers and eight non-movers! And it was announced like this…

40. The Farm – “Love To See No Colour”
In our last top 40 of 1992 there are just three new entries while everyone else is either going back up the chart or a non-mover. The Farm are the first of the three new ones with their second to break the top 40 this year.

39. U2 – “Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?”
Taking another slow canter down the chart are U2 with their latest offering from “Achtung Baby”, which drops four places.

38. HWA and Sonic The Hedgehog – “Supersonic”
HWA went back up the chart last week with their debut single from the popular console game. This week finds them going back down and by just one place.

37. Mike Oldfield – “Tattoo”
Also going down is Mike Oldfield with the second single from his new “Tubular Bells II” album that sinks four places.

36. Shai – “If I Ever Fall In Love”
New entry number two is something new. Following on from Boyz II Men’s success, American quartet Shai bring their debut single to the UK chart and it’s already been a number two smash in their home country!

35. Kris Kross – “It’s A Shame”
It is indeed as shame as the latest single from Kris Kross peaks and drops down four places becoming their lowest charting tune so far.

34. Louie Louie – “The Thought Of It”
Indeed, the thought of a highest climber going up just four places. It’s real and here it is as Louie Louie becomes this weeks biggest mover!

33. East Side Beat – “Alive And Kicking”
There’s even less life in East Side Beat’s cover of the Simple Minds song from 1985 that descends five places after three weeks on the chart.

32. Guns’N’Roses – “Yesterdays”
Guns’N’Roses are not done yet as their yesterdays hold firm for a seventh week on the UK top 40 and as a non-mover.

31. Darlene Love – “All Alone On Christmas”
With this chart crossing the Christmas period you would expect some Christmas tunes to do well. Darlene Love’s UK chart comeback does so as she goes up three places in her second week.

30. Nirvana – “In Bloom”
Nirvana dropped down two last week with their former highest climber and remain so for a second week with the fourth single to come from “Nevermind”.

29. Apache Indian – “Arranged Marriage”
Our highest new entry this week comes from Apache Indian, who we met only a couple of months ago when he debuted with Maxi Priest on the single “Just Wanna Know”. This time he’s back on his own and much higher up.

28. SL2 – “Way In My Brain”
SL2 go down two this week with their second top 40 hit of 1992, some way off their number two hit, “On A Ragga Tip”.

27. Undercover – “Never Let Her Slip Away”
Undercover are not planning to slip away just yet as their most recent top five hit goes back up the chart by two places after two months with us.

26. Dina Carroll – “So Close”
Fror Dina Carroll, it’s a drop of just one place this week with her third top twenty hit from her forthcoming debut album of the same name.

25. Boyz II Men – “End Of The Road”
Incredibly, the former number one from Boyz II Men goes back up the chart this week, two places, after eighteen weeks on our top 40!

24. Boyz II Men – “Mowtownphilly”
…and there they are again with the follow up, which goes down one place and misses out on a top twenty spot his week!

23. Arrested Development – “People Everyday”
Arrested Development are also going back up the chart with their very first UK hit, one place higher for them in week eleven.

22. Slipstreem – “We Are Raving”
Slipstreem are still raving but it’s not getting them very far as they are a non-mover this week. Maybe too much to drink…?(!)

21. Cliff Richard – “I Still Believe In You”
Cliff Richard still believes but he does so just outside the top twenty as his Christmas release this year falls five places.

20. 808 State and UB40 – “One In Ten”
In, out and back in again for 808 State and UB40, who left the top twenty last week and pop back in going up one place!

19. The Lemonheads – “Mrs. Robinson”
The Lemonheads paused with Mrs. Robinson last week but resume their climb with this cover of a Simon and Garfunkel song from the 1960’s and go up one place.

18. Michael Bolton – “Drift Away”
Also going up one place is last week’s highest new entry from Michael Bolton, which is also a cover version and his second of this year.

17. Heaven 17 – “Temptation ’92”
And going back up one place this week are Heaven 17 with the Brothers In Rhythm remix of their top three hit from 1983.

16. Stereo MC’s – “Step It Up”
The songs continue to all go up one and that includes the Stereo MC’s with their second hit of this year, one place up on where they were.

15. Freddie Mercury – “In My Defence”
There’s not one place higher for Freddie Mercury with his latest posthumous solo release which drops two places having been on the chart for a month now.

14. Simply Red – “The Montreux EP”
Simply Red continue to go back up the chart with their highly successful live EP, which has spent all of its seven weeks in the top twenty and is now up one more spot.

13. Madonna – “Deeper And Deeper”
Madonna is deeper and deeper down, three places in fact, with the second single from her “Erotica” album as she leaves the top ten.

12. The Prodigy – “Out Of Space”
The Prodigy find some lift this week as their latest hit goes back up the chart by two places with no plans to return to earth this year.

11. Diana Ross – “If We Hold On Together”
Climbing one more place is Diana Ross with her song from the animated film ‘The Land Before Time’. Will she make it to the top ten next week…?

10. Lisa Stansfield – “Someday (I’m Coming Back)”
The new song from Lisa Stansfield comes into the top ten this week, up one place, the first time since the Autumn of last year that Lisa has had a top ten hit.

9. Gloria Estefan – “The Miami Hitmix”
Going down one is Gloria Estefan with her mix of four uptempo songs from the 1980’s. Gloria’s “Greatest Hits” is at No.2 on the album chart this week.

8. Rod Stewart – “Tom Traubert’s Blues”
Rod Stewart is back up one place this week with his version of this old classic along with “Waltzing Matilda”, now with five weeks in the top ten.

7. Boney M – “Boney M Megamix”
Meanwhile, the megamix of Boney M hits is a non-mover this week, having rested here just last week, their first top ten appearance since the 1970’s.

6. The Shamen – “Phorever People”
The Shamen are phorever people with this fourth single from their “Boss Drum” album, but three weeks in they slip back one place.

5. WWF Superstars – “Slam Jam”
Taking their place are the WWF Superstars with their debut single, which goes back up the chart and back into the top five with a climb of one.

4. Take That – “Could It Be Magic?”
Take That‘s cover of Barry Manilow‘s best known version of this song is a non-mover for a second week, but still their biggest to date.

3. Charles and Eddie – “Would I Lie To You?”
Defiantly refusing to go down any further are Charles and Eddie with their debut single and former number one, which gets a fourth consecutive week on hold at number three.

2. Michael Jackson – “Heal The World”
And that also goes for Michael Jackson with his Christmas chart runner up, which also scores a fourth consecutive week in second place.

1. Whitney Houston – “I Will Always Love You”
But for a fifth week running, it’s Whitney Houston that stays at the very top of the chart with her version of a twice released Dolly Parton song from her movie ‘The Bodyguard’. Can she make it six in a row, or will anyone make a move for 1993? There’s only one way to find out…

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